I really like the desert. Not sure why, since it’s a totally alien environment from where I was raised. I just feel happy when we’re there.

We stayed in Black Rock Campground, and it was fine. Roads were terrible and the winds were howling, but it was all good. That howling wind pretty much followed us everywhere we went on this trip. We were out one day shy of three weeks and only cooked outside once. Once!

Western Oriole

This isn’t the best quality photo of a Western Oriole, since it was taken through the side window of the RV. Bob noticed the little guy outside the window, and I snapped a bunch of pictures, hoping one would work out. Such a pretty little bird!

The Joshua Trees were really interesting. No two had the same shape, and most were twisted into all kinds of shapes. We did a drive-through loop through the park and saw lots of them, as well as some great rocks. I really like rocks.

Rocks in Joshua Tree

Along with the rocks, we saw some rock climbers. We stood and watched this for a while, as two people took turns climbing. They were evidently on some rock climbing excursion, since there was another guy coaching them as they went up and down. Look closely at the photo below and you’ll see a man nearly at the top of the rock.

Rock Climber

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