We wanted to see moose, so we went South from Yellowstone to Teton National Park where we’d heard the moose hang out. We stayed at Gros Ventre Campground, and that was very nice. We totally got our moose-wish taken care of.

What a Nice Moose!

Not a great photo, but it represents how close I’m prepared to get to a bull moose. Not very close! There were lots of folks out that morning admiring the moose, many people had cameras on tripods. I was impressed by how everybody was respecting the moose-space and not getting too close. Too many times one sees people crowding wild animals, and no good comes of that either to the people or the animals.

Gros Ventre Campground

Gros Ventre was a real find! We weren’t planning to spend any time in the Tetons on this trip, but then we decided to do just a couple of nights. Found this campground online, and it’s a winner. The campground has lots of nice sites and some hookups. We didn’t have hookups, so we paid only $15 per night. It’s a pretty place to stay, with nice views of the Tetons.

Jackson Hole

On our second day at Gros Ventre, we did a resupply run down to Jackson. What I imagine is the town center had several of these big antler arches around it. Can’t imagine how many antlers it took to make these, but it’s safe to a lot.

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