Zion is beautiful. It’s a quieter type of beauty than Bryce. I’ve always said that the Siamese that we were owned by for many years before she left us had a personality like a brass band. Bryce has a personality like a brass band. It’s loud, gorgeous, and in your face. Zion is lovely but much quieter about it.

We day-tripped it up from Quail Creek RV Park two days and had a nice time in the park. When you’re in a vehicle over a certain size, and you plan to go through the Zion-Mt. Carmel tunnel, you have to purchase a tunnel permit at the entrance station. This is because way back when, when the tunnel was built, vehicles were smaller. These days, things like our little RV need to go through the tunnel right down the middle. So, rangers man the helm at either end of the mile-long tunnel and close down one direction or another to allow large vehicles to pass through.

Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel

We took the shuttle up the scenic drive and did a short hike up the river.

Zion river walk

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