In July of 2019, we went on a camping trip to the Sierras. We spent three nights at Eagle Lake, followed by three nights at Almanor South campground.

Eagle Lake

Best campground ever! I thought so last year, and this year verified it. It’s run by the US Forestry Service, and they keep it up well above what we’ve seen other places. There’s a very nice walking trail that goes along the lake, and we enjoyed that a lot. Again.

We had electricity at Eagle Lake, so that meant fresh out of the convection oven muffins for breakfast. We bring raisin bran muffin batter mixed up at home and bake in camp.

We’d actually never had the door set up as a screen door before. Sophie seemed to like it and spent a lot of time peering out.

Almanor South Campground

No hookups at Almanor, but pretty nice campground. It suffers by comparison to Eagle Lake, as far as the campground itself goes, but the scenery more than makes up for it. There’s a walking trail that goes some distance around the lake, and we went one direction one day and the other direction the other way. I preferred the South walk over the North walk, since I thought it was more scenic.

This is our campsite at Almanor, with Winnie the Winnebago. Mosquitos weren’t as bad as I’d fear, so I only got minorly munched.

It was late in the year for wildflowers, but these guy were still out. Don’t know what they are, and they’re probably “native vegetation,” aka, “weeds.”

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