I think of this trip on the Royal Princess as “the cruise where we had the big, fat cabin.” We’ve always booked lower-end cabins (because we’re not rich and I’m cheap), but this time we had a mini suite. The king of all mini suites. There’re four of these on Royal Class ships, all forward and on Lido and Marina decks. The minis like these on Marina deck have larger balconies than the ones on Lido, but on both decks the minis are very large and very nice. The price for this was a good one, and it came with the 3 For Free promo, making it very affordable.

The big, fat bed in the big, fat mini.

Note the large window at the foot of the bed. Was great for star gazing.

Our living room area was separate from the bedroom, so Bob could wander around there and out onto the deck when he got up way too early without getting the evil eye from me.

Looking our the star-gazing window at Cabo San Lucas.

This photo was taken while we were still in the harbor at San Pedro. This is our private balcony. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Looking back toward our cabin, bedroom window and sliding glass door into living room area.

I’m not one of those people who takes photos of their food all the time, but sometimes …

The French toast on Princess is special. They usually only have it debarkation morning, but this time we had Club Class so we could get it anytime we asked. It’s ridiculously thick bread, dipped in French toast batter, coated in corn flake crumbs, and deep fried. It’s a real healthy breakfast, not. But very delicious. Have a serving of fruit with it and call yourself virtuous.

This rascal is the Ernesto burger, and I’m including it mainly due to the busyness of the thing. Quoted from Princess.com: “fresh ground rib eye and short rib patty, grilled pork belly, cave aged gruyere, carmelized kimchi, beer battered jalapeno, charred onion aioli, smoked salt and pepper, and brioche bun.” Yes, Pork belly. And yes, carmelized kimchi. Another heart-healthy special, and actually very good.


Bob enjoying a banana split. Very much.

Central atrium

Another angle on the atrium

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