The third day out on our trip, we got on board a small bus – or a large van – or whatever it was, and headed out on day one on the Dalton Highway.

One of our first stops was at Joy. Above is a shot of the Wildwood General Store at Joy, where we looked around, talked to the owner, and bought huge chocolate chip cookies. I’ve met and talked to only a limited number of Alaskans, but it’s left me wondering. Either they’re the nicest, friendliest people on the planet – and I’m very prepared to believe that they are – or one of their biggest joys in life is talking to tourists and hearing the stupid comments that we all make when we’re out of our element. I didn’t actually hear any fellow travelers ask where to see penguins, but I’ll bet anybody who wants to bet that this question gets asked regularly.

This is one of the lovely places we stopped at for a bit.  The van stopped frequently for seat-shuffles and just because.

Beautiful view in mainland Alaska

Can’t Get Enough of This Stuff?

Read about day two on the Dalton Highway.

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