Below are images and some nattering about our early April, 2022 camping trip. We went to Sunset Beach, near Watsonville, CA as the first stop. Below is the view out the back of our campsite – strawberry fields forever. Makes you want to sing about it, doesn’t it?

Sunset Beach Strawberry Fields

The beach isn’t the greatest place to go if one wants to see wildflowers, but there were some around. The photo below that’s labeled “Double Poppy” is the one and only California Poppy that I’ve ever seen that had a double row of petals. They’re always single row, so this one is special.

Beach Walking

If what you’re after is an uncrowded, pretty much unlimited beach to walk down, then Sunset Beach is the place to go.

We had one foggy day while we were there, and I like the beach walking on a foggy day just as much as a bright clear day.

Lots of sand dollars this trip! Some of them, like the image on the right below, have barnacles that have hitched a ride. Mostly, the barnacles are dark, but a few of them like this one are pink.

Shell in Hand
Sand Dollar
Sand Dollar With Pink Barnacle
The plan was to spend a few days at Mount Madonna County Park, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, after leaving Watsonville and Sunset Beach. That was a plan that suffered from lack of planning. It seems that the general public has discovered what a little gem Mount Madonna is, so turning up these days without a reservation isn’t a good idea. We were able to get a nice site for one night and decided to come on home rather than stick around and hope for a cancellation. Next time, reservations!

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