We like to walk as nearly everyday as we can, and recently we found a new place for daily walks. We were doing a nice round in our neighborhood and nearby, but the dog situation around here seems way out of control. We like dogs, and we don’t mind getting barked at, but dogs are running loose and running rampant around here. So, we tried out the road that runs around the Afterbay, south of where we live.

It’s a winner! Gorgeous walk, with lots of water, birds, and even otters. No barking, threatening dogs, although we were joined by a really nice black Lab named Gus the first time we went there. We’d walked out about an hour and turned back. After a bit, we saw a big black dog trotting down the road towards us. He turned around and tucked right into walking along with us, happy as a clam. As we got nearer to our car, we started to worry about him. Was he lost or what? I called him over and looked at his tag, seeing that he was Gus and that there was an owner’s name and phone number on it. I called the number and told the nice lady that we were up on the Afterbay road and Gus was with us. She said she was wondering where he was and that she would come and get him. Which she did.

Bald Eagle at the AfterbayOn another walk around the Afterbay, we saw a bald eagle sitting in a treetop. This is only the second one of them that we’ve seen since we moved here, so it’s still special to us. Not the best photo in the world, since it was taken long distance with my phone.

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