Our first full day in Death Valley, we rented a Jeep so we could run around all over the place without dragging the RV and the cat. The guy at the Jeep place suggested that we do Titus Canyon, and that turned out to be a real winner.

colorful rocks in Titus Canyon

The dirt road across the desert and through Titus Canyon is one way. In some places, you could get around another vehicle that was stopped or stalled, but not in all places. 

gorgeous views in Titus Canyon

The road started out as a flat trip across the desert. Then it started winding up and around (and around and around) through the canyon. Many tight turns and many very bumpy sections. I imagine some folks start out on this road and wish they hadn’t.

banded rocks in Titus Canyon

Toward the end, the canyon walls narrowed down quite a lot.

narrow portion of Titus Canyon

Then the canyon opened back up again, with a view of the valley. Shortly after this, it became two way traffic.

leaving Titus Canyon

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