This was an unheard of short cruise for us. We’ve never done a really long one, but with one exception we’ve never done one less than a week. It was round trip San Francisco, so easy one for us to do. It went down the coast, stopping at San Diego and Ensenada.

I booked this one because I couldn’t get a cabin on the Northbound cruise in March of 2020, which was the one I really wanted to go on. Finally snagged a cabin on that one and thought about canceling this one. Decided to downgrade to a cheap cabin on this one and do both. That turned out to be a good decision in terms of getting to cruise at all this year, since by the time the March cruise came around all hell had broken lose with the pandemic.

We had a good time on this one. In San Diego, we did one of the Urban Adventure Quests, and those are always fun. It was a really nice day there, which helps a lot when you’re chasing to and fro. Didn’t get off the ship in Ensenada because – well, why bother.

There’s a thing that’s available on Princess ships that isn’t on the menu they give you. It is on the kids’ menu, and I think that’s just plain discrimination. It’s called a volcano, and it’s a big banana split. Those volcanoes are like snowflakes – no two are the same. There doesn’t seem to be any recipe or guidance for making them. The person making each one just wings it and does whatever pops into their heads. Or so it seems to us. The one that Bob had on this trip, pictured below, had raisins in it. Raisins? Why? Who can tell. He ate it.

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