We had such a nice time last year that we decided to return to Bodega Bay for another camping trip. Last trip, we stayed in the Bodega Dunes Campground, which is a State of California campground. This was okay, but there aren’t a lot of sites in that one that would work for us. Is there a better option? Yes, there is.

Last year we walked up the Bodega Head from Bodega Dunes, and we passed a small campground right down on the bay, near the harbor area. I brought up Google map and tracked this campground down. It’s Westside Campground and belongs to the Sonoma County parks and rec system. It’s small, and the sites are close together, but the sites are level and the view we had looking out on the water was great. We were there four nights, and I spent a lot of time watching birds on and over the water. A couple of days there were people with kite boards sailing around. That was fun to watch too.

We arrived on a Monday afternoon and set up camp. Our plan was to drive the RV up to the Bodega Head parking lot and spend our days up there watching for whales and hiking the bluff trails. I’d thought we would walk up from the campground, but Bob pointed out that if we took the RV up there, we’d have everything we needed for a full day. Genius notion! That worked so well. We were able to do as much walking around up on the bluff as we liked without having the long walk back to camp, and we had everything we needed without having to tote it all around.

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