I don’t know that I’d say that getting there is half the fun, but I will say that getting there is a lot of fun. We do short travel days when we RV, since neither of us can stand up and walk after long ones. Below are the places we stayed for a night on our way to somewhere else, as well as a shot of Sophie hanging her leg out of her favorite sleeping cubby.

Traveling Cat

Walker Lake

Walker Lake, near Hawthorne, NV, is a good place to break one of our short travel days. We’ve stayed at Sportsman’s Beach Campground a couple of times, and I’d do that again. It’s a pretty lake, and the campsites there are nice. You do get road noise, since it sits near the highway, but not too much. There’s a pay kiosk all the way down the hill by the lake, so if you choose a campsite up top you’ll need to truck down there to pay.

Little A’LeInn

This fascinating place is on the Extraterrestrial Highway, near Rachel, NV. I didn’t take any photos there, mainly because the winds were wild and squirrely and would blow a person away. They have a few RV spots and some cabins, as well as a gift shop/restaurant that seems to be pretty popular. We went in there and had rhubarb pie with ice cream. I’m very picky about pie, and almost no place passes muster as far as I’m concerned. But this place had some delicious, legitimate pie! If you ever visit Little A’LeInn, go for the pie. Be forewarned that you probably won’t have cellphone signal for most of the Extraterrestrial Highway. You probably will have signal while you’re eating your pie. Water and electricity.

Quail Creek RV Park

This is where we ended up stayed the last time we went down that way. It was hot. Very hot. So that heat chased us out of the little no-hookups park I’d booked us into and over to Quail Creek RV where there were full hookups. I booked us for four nights at Quail Creek this year, planning to do day trips to other places. We only stayed two nights, since there was road work going on very nearby. We did do two trips up to Zion before leaving Quail Creek. This is a nice place to stay in that area. Laundry facilities are very nice. Full hookups.

Mount Carmel RV

We were looking for a place to stage our attempts at a first-come-first-served campsite at Bryce. I found this one, Mount Carmel Motel & RV Park about an hour out from Bryce. I had no idea when/if we would be able to get a spot at Bryce, so I booked us two nights at Mount Carmel. I figured if we were unsuccessful on the first attempt, then we weren’t all that far away to just try again. As it turned out, we succeeded in Bryce the first day, so we just didn’t return to Mount Carmel. This place was okay, but I would only stay there for a single night. Nothing much around it! No hookups.

Cracker Barrel in Kingman, AZ

I’m always looking for a Cracker Barrel, and this one was a good one. They’re really nice about letting people in RVs park overnight for free. We always have dinner and breakfast in the restaurant when we do this.

Diaz Lake Campground

This is an Inyo County facility, and it’s near Lone Pine, CA. You can get reservations through Reserve America, or do what we did and take your chances as a walk-up. The campground is fine, and we were only spending one night, so we wouldn’t have been too picky. It’s a lovely location, and it seems to be very well managed. No hookups, but water available.

Diaz Lake

Topaz Lake

Topaz Lodge, near Garnerville CA, holds a special place in our hearts. They have a little general store near the gas pumps that has a chocolate case. That chocolate case has wonderful turtles! Nuff said about that. We’ve stayed there a few times, in the RV park (they sell spots for that in the general store). This last trip, we ate in the Lake View Coffee Shop inside the casino. This turned out to be a great decision. By the time we got to Topaz Lake, we’d been out nearly three weeks and were ready for some serious food (cooked by somebody else!). We got that. For dinner, we both got chicken fried steak, the portions of which were so big I could only eat half of mine and got a to-go container for the rest. The next morning, we came back for breakfast. Bob got vanilla French toast, which he said was very good. I got biscuits and gravy, which I know I shouldn’t eat but nearly always will anyhow. That was a good choice. I read some complainy reviews online about service and food in the coffee shop, but I found no fault at all with either. Food was great, and service was excellent. Full hookups.

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