Glacier is astoundingly beautiful. Not sure what I was expecting, but Glacier exceeded whatever that expectation was. We got some rain there, but it was mostly nice weather.

We stayed at Many Glacier Campground in this park. Getting to the campground took some patience, persistence, and sense of humor. There were plentiful potholes, many of which might be able to swallow a Smart Car whole. On the plus side, we saw a mama grizzly with three cubs up the hill next to the road.

Red Bus

We did the Eastern Alpine Tour on the Red Bus. This took us down the oh-so-wonderful Many Glacier Road and then up the Going to the Sun Road. RVs can’t go up the Going to the Sun Road, so we were really happy we could get a bus tour.

Mountain Goat Kid

There was a metal walkway at one of the stops we made, and on that walkway there was a mama mountain goat and her baby. Jonathan called the baby a “cub” which was kinda cute.

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