It seems that there’s more than one Eagle Lake in California, which I suppose shouldn’t surprise anybody. We do have lakes, and we do have eagles. There’s one down by Lake Tahoe, and there’s one to the Northwest of Susanville. There may be a dozen others. 

We went camping at Merrell Campground at the Eagle Lake near Susanville. I simply can’t say enough good things about this campground. It’s run by the US Forestry Service, and it’s run very well. Very nice and clean. Excellent campsites are the rule there, and I didn’t actually see any that I thought were bad. We had one down in the last row by the lake. Below is the view looking out from our campsite to where our chairs and the lake await us.

Our Campsite at Eagle Lake

There aren’t the nearby hiking options that you might expect to see in the mountains, but there is a long, nearly flat walking/biking path that goes part way around the lake. This path is paved, so it makes for very easy walking. We went down it in one direction one day and the other direction the next day. 

We spent most of our last afternoon just watching clouds. I can’t remember ever seeing such a variety of sizes, shapes, and motions. Some of them went into a sort of whirlpool motion! So, there we were. Kicked back. Watching gorgeous clouds. Perfect.

Clouds at Eagle Lake

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