Wowee zowee! Bryce is amazing! I took so many pictures that I haven’t even looked at them all yet. It seemed like any direction a person looked there would be something spectacular, waiting to be photograped.

The shot to the right is looking down on the Navajo Loop Trail. I only went down as far as Two Bridges. Bob went down to the bottom. It was a heck of a steep climb back up, even the short amount I went down. This is the most popular trail in Bryce, and there were many people going up and down it.

Navajo Loop Trail
Bryce South Scenic Drive

There’s a thing in Bryce called the “Southern Scenic Drive.” It’s an eighteen mile drive that goes where the park shuttle doesn’t. We decided that would be a nice thing to do, and it was. When we got to the top, it started to snow. If you look closely at the shot to the left, you can see snowflakes.

We headed back down, with the snow following us as we went.

Snow in Bryce

We were in Bryce before camping reservations opened, so we had to optimistically show up and hope for a first-come-first-served site. As it turned out, there were plenty of sites in North Campground, and we got a nice one. The biggest merit of being there early in the year was that the park wasn’t so crowded. There were plenty of people around, but it never felt overcrowded.

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