My husband and I recently went camping and hiking in Sequoia National Park. It was a great trip, including the above mentioned 4 1/4 bears. How, you ask, do you see a quarter of a bear? Easy. We were hiking the trail down to the Muir Grove, and I saw the tail end of a bear disappearing at speed, up the hill into the woods. Another bear came galloping right across the main highway in front of the truck as we were entering the park. The last three were a mama bear and two little brown cubs that we came around a corner and saw on the way down from Little Baldy. They were pretty close as we came around the corner, and for a couple of seconds I was thinking it might be a problem if the mama decided we were a threat. But she and the cubs took one look at us and scattered in great haste down the hill into the woods. Speedy bears in Sequoia!

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